I'm Turning the Curbly Studio Into a Pop-Up this Weekend: Can You Come?

Niche Pop-Up Shop in St. Paul, MN


Dear Curbly Readers,

I'm interrupting our regularly scheduled content to tell you about a joyful side project I've been working on over the last few months.

Bruno talked a little bit about it here. And I wanted to tell you a little more about it because my great hope is that our Twin Cities readers might pop in this weekend.

Niche Pop-Up Shop in St. Paul, MN

Here we go!

Recently, my superstar friend Molly and I decided to put into a practice an idea we'd been dreaming up for months. We were looking for a way to help women feel transformed and join forces with other ladies in a beautiful environment. And so, our pop-up shop Niche was born. We feature a curated collection of clothing and accessories at an affordable price. 

Is this a strange thing for a Curbly editor to do on the side? A little bit. But, I believe in the power of transformation with my whole heart. Whether it's the perfect paint color, a lucky garage sale find, or the way you feel when your home is decked out for the holidays. To me those things are much like feeling like Beyoncé in a dress, adding a blinged-out necklace to a tee shirt, or finding a pair of leggings that have all the right scaffolding and all the right comfort. I believe all of it is important and meaningful. And I believe those transformations are one and the same. Just like in our homes, when our outsides match our insides, we become our best selves. And I don't think that's trite or vapid, I think it's the truth.

Working on Niche has been one of the great joys of my adult life. If you live in the Twin Cities, I hope you'll come see us this weekend in the Curbly space. We'll have beautiful clothing and accessories, and the perfect paint color to boot.


Date: Saturday, December 10 & Sunday, December 11

Address: 2506 University Ave. West, St. Paul, MN 55114

Hours: Saturday: 4-10pm & Sunday: 1-5pm




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