How To: Turn a Dress Form into a Christmas Tree

dress form Christmas tree in process
Photo: Garden Club

Turning a decorative dress form into a Christmas tree might not be for everyone, but for anyone with a sense of style and a sense of humor, it might be just the thing. Plus, she is DARLING. And all she took to birth was a few supplies from Home Depot (not including the dress form, which are  fairly inexpensive (check this one out via Amazon). Other stuff we'd need to make one include a crate, burlap, chicken wire, floral wire, 4" cable zip ties, T-pins, greenery, and embellishments. The outcome is positively Project Runway* worthy:

dress form Christmas tree complete
Photo: Garden Club

The garland necklace is pure perfection! For the entire tutorial, please visit this page at Garden Club. 

Make a Christmas Tree Dress [Garden Club]

*Who still remembers Austin Scarlett's Corn Husk Dress from season 1??



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