Easy cleanup of your gardening tools!

I like gardening but I hate having to clean my shovels and spades. This weekend I was complaining to my dad about having to clean up my gardening tools and he shared a handy hint with me. He uses his olive oil sprayer to lightly spray his tools before using them. When he is finished, it only takes a bit of spraying with the hose to get all the soil off.

So, I tried it when I got home, only I don't have a fancy olive oil sprayer to use, so I used Pam.  It worked like a charm!


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Broke and Bitter on Jul 06, 2007:

Another option for small hand tools is to fill a 5 lb. coffe can with a mixture of regular sand and oil (used motor oil works fine, but you could probably use mineral oil or some type of vegetable oil to be a little more environmentally friendly).  After using the tool, plung it into the sand a few times -- it will come out clean and lightly oiled.  This works great for polishing up rusty tools, also.

Chrisjob on Jun 12, 2007:

A quick spritz also works on measuring spoons for sticky substances like honey, corn syrup, hoisin, etc...

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