Our happy art gallery hallway

My husband and I live in a 450 sq. ft. 100 year old apartment. It's full of character and I love our kitchen, but it's our hallway that makes our apartment so liveable and so full of charm. We have high ceilings and we've installed bookshelves to go around the top perimter of the entire space. My husband who is a part-time library assistant has made sure everything is easy to find...plus, he's tall so his height is an advantage when grasping for books. We've also set up an art gallery of sorts along the long hallway. I love it!

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booizzy on Nov 21, 2006:

That is lovely! The variety of frames is great.

bruno on Nov 21, 2006:

Heheh, I like that hallwa, although you'd have to be careful walking down it (so as to not knock everything off!).

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