If only it were DIYable....

Okay, this must be the coolest outdoor decor item EVER. A little heaven on earth, Henry Hall Designs’ Cocoon Hammock with a Terrace Base is constructed of a "Taukkyan wood frame [and] electropolished stainless steel components." It’s a special order item and no price is given on the website, which we all know means it’s crazy expensive. (Rumor is it prices out at about $19,500. Ouch!) BUT, I’m thinking a few 4x4's assembled in an arty sort of way, some hefty rope, and beautiful fabric.... Hey, anything's possible.

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baconthecat on Jul 23, 2007:

*jaw drop* Too cute! I wonder how comfortable that really is, though... But already I want one!!!

moderngirlstyle on Jun 08, 2007:

I wish I were there now! Super chic!

badbadivy on Jun 07, 2007:

Oooh. Now I know what I'm going to blog about for Shakyard today. Many thanks!

DIY Maven on Jun 07, 2007:

Hubby has always wanted a hammock...I'll get him on it!

HillaryJohnson on Jun 07, 2007:

Heck, didn't you watch the X-prize race for space? Anything is DIYable!  This looks like 8 4x4s, some porch brackets, some really sturdy hooks, a few yards of sunbrella, and a feather bed from Overstock.com.... I'd guess $300, and a weekend.

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