How To: Make an Instagram Chocolate Mousse Cake

Photo: How to Cook That

Ann Reardon is part baker, artist, and engineer. She'd have to be to come up with an Instagram surprise cake, which just might be the the best surprise cake I have ever seen. She takes us through the entire process in  the video below, but just take a look at these pictures:

Photo: How to Cook That
Photo: How to Cook That

If it looks like it takes a lot of work, it does, but can you imagine how impressed your fellow Instagramers would be when you cut into a masterpiece like this at your next celebratory event?? Yowza. Now it's time to watch the video.

For more information about Ann and her creations, visit her website howtocookthat.net, and for more information about this Instagram cake, click here.

Instagram Cake mad from chocolate mousse with chocolate glaze [How to Cook That]

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