Scary Harry!

I'm frightened of this 'Harry' organizer.

It's almost assimilated this poor Alessi spoon! Run little spoon! Run! Where's Dish when you need him? 

You know how you're supposed to throw your spaghetti against the wall to see if it's cooked all the way through?

It looks like you threw your spaghetti onto a wall at THREE MILE ISLAND

The Noodles are back. And they are PISSED.

Oh, hold on a tick, it's Harajuku Harry!



Wonder if Tarina's got one!

Blue for Boys.                                        Pink for Girls.

I've seen these before.

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bruno on Nov 24, 2006:

I wonder how they can get away with calling this thing an 'organizer'? It's more like a giant synthetic hairball...

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