Spice up a boring coffee table

Hi all! :) had this coffee table for almost a year now and was bored of the look. this is just something simple i did to redecorate the boring old table of mine.  designed and cut some paper to place it under my coffee table glass. its just a small, easy to do and cheap DIY to give the table a new look:)



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Affinity on Jun 05, 2007:

Hi Anleee! do post photos of your desk when its done!

 hmm not sure if its clear from the photos above but the paper i used is textured... to give it the extra dimension.. i think using textured and paper with subtle patterns on them works best for such cut out...

anleee on Jun 03, 2007:

This is really a good idea. I've thought about doing this to my desk too, but still looking for graphics that match with my workstation, and not sure if i am able to cut them out as perfect as u do. Yours is really nice :)

Affinity on May 31, 2007:

Hi felisaudis! Thanks :) hey your idea of painting the glass sounds pretty cool! Alternatively if you want easy-to-change, you can cut out a pattern on black contact paper and stick it to the underside of the table. but this wont be as fun or as colourful as yours. now i'm really tempted to try out your painting idea on another glass table of mine:)

felisaudis on May 30, 2007:


My old furniture had gotten pretty run down and I was sick of my coffee table too. It was one of those Brass Legged with a piece of glass on top things. So, I flipped it over and did my impression of "Starry Night" on the underside in grease marker and acrylic paint. It was alot of fun, and added a great splotch of color to my living room. (And tied in the orange/yellow tie-dyed curtains -if you can imagine!) When I got tired of it, I just scraped it off with a blade and redid it. I actually did quite a few different paintings on it over the course of the year. 

This is nice though cause it's much easier to change it up a bit. :-) 

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