Quick Tips: How To Get The Color On Your Wall To Match The Paint Chip

Photo: Chris Loves Julia

You've picked the perfect gray paint chip. You painted a swatch on your wall and it was lovely. Then, once you painted the whole room, the gray started looking blue-ish/purple! Has this ever happened to you? Find out why!     

 I never really considered the paint color I'm painting over. If it's a dark color, I just planned to do more coats and waste more paint! That's the logical thing to do, right? Wrong. Julia from Chris Loves Julia shared a few quick tips about how the color of your wall as well as the color of your trim affects the colors you paint! She also shares ways to tone and tint the paint to help you get the color you desire! Head on over to Chris Loves Julia to read more about her theory on Color Theory!

Tips On Working With Swatches by [Chris Loves Julia]

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