320 Square Feet Cliffside Stunner

Photo: Tiny House Talk

Three hundred and twenty square feet have never looked so good. As a matter of fact, they look better than most houses ten times the size. Why? For one, bigger is not always better, and two, this petite home is practically surrounded in  glass doors that open up to overwhelming views. 

Photo: Tiny House Talk

Perched on the cliffs of Whitsband Bay, Cornwall, UK, the home has been designed to incorporate its gorgeous surroundings, taking the indoors out and bringing the outdoors in. 

Photo: Tiny House Talk

Imagine waking up to this every morning (a bedroom with a porthole!):

Photo: Tiny House Talk

To see more of the tiny house with the large view, visit Tiny House Talk. 

320 Sq. Ft. Tiny Beach Cottage with Cliff Top Views [Tiny House Talk]

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