Make It (I Dare You): DIY Glass Bottle Chandelier

This DIY glass bottle chandelier sorta blows all those other DIY glass bottle chandeliers we've seen out of the water. Of course it wouldn't be as easy a DIY either. That's where the 'dare' comes in. You see, the makers of this chandelier--the folks behind DIY Network's Blog Cabin--whipped out  the old MIG welder to make the bottle's cage. If you happen to have one of those, easy peasy.

As for the light source, that's LED tape that's installed inside channels sawed into the perimeter of the wood frames. To get started, check out these bare bones instructions on this page at DIY Network. 

How To Build a Glass Bottle Chandelier [DIY Network]

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Anonymous on Aug 05, 2014:

PVC pipe with faux metal paint, or galvanized piping might be a DIY substitute for the welded cage. PVC would make for a much lighter frame and the wood surrounds would control any flex in the pipe. Galvanized pipe would give a closer look to the original, but then the weight of the pipe would be a factor. Very nice light though!

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