How To: Make a Hanging Planter Out of a Bundt Cake Pan

These bundt cake pans aren't just for baking. Nope, these $3 finds from the Salvation Army are also great as colorful hanging planters for succulents and other houseplants.    

My friend Ashley, from Sugar & Cloth, is always coming up with interesting ways to decorate her studio and this DIY hanging planter idea is one of my new favorites. 

The metal chain that she used to hang the bundt pans almost makes them look like their floating through the air, which I love. 

Of course, it's hard not to like a planter when it's hanging next to a mint green Smeg fridge. So pretty.

Visit Sugar & Cloth for more photos.

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Carly on Aug 05, 2014:

This is a fantastic idea!  And beautifully done.

Hate to be that guy, though - not one of those pans is a Bundt pan.  Bundt is a distinctive ring shape noted by the chimney through the middle.  Just remember the mum's reaction in My Big Fat Greek Wedding, "There's a hole in this cake."  The pans you have shown are just cake pans or cake moulds or even jelly moulds depending on how you use them, but not for Bundts.

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