Before and After: 90's Fireplace Gets Reclaimed Wood Makeover

DIy Reclaimed Wood Fireplace
In some living rooms, the fireplace is the focal point. It just MAKES the room, ya know what I'm sayin'? This fireplace makeover is so drastic and the final product is absolutely stunning!       


DIY Reclaimed Wood Fireplace
Amazing, right? The reclaimed wood from floor to ceiling makes such a statement. What a makeover! To see the complete before and after, visit Kristi Murphy

DIY Reclaimed Wood Fireplace by [Kristi Murphy]

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Anonymous on Aug 02, 2014:

Boy does that look unsafe. Plywood and old lumber surrounding a fireplace. I can't imagine any homeowner's insurance being happy about that.


Anonymous on Aug 02, 2014:

This fireplace remodel would not pass any national residential building code in the US and is extremely dangerous.  You cannot have any combustible substance (LIKE WOOD) within 18 inches of a firebox.  A person could, however, use a porcelian tile look-alike of which there are many handsome examples in just about any high quality tile showroom.  

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