Before and After: An All-in-One Mudroom/Dining Room/Laundry Room Makeover

When Dana and her husband bought this small 1950s ranch house a few years ago, it was in extremely poor condition. Fast forward to 2014 and this dilapidated house is finally starting to resemble the stylish family home they've dreamed of!       

Out of necessity, this space functions as a mudroom, dining room, craft room, laundry room, and game room all in one. With the addition of some perfectly-placed free-standing closets and DIY storage areas, though, it manages to cater to all these functions with stylish ease!

Check out more photos and details about this makeover over on Dana's blog House Tweaking.

LINK: Mudroom/Dining Room Makeover from House Tweaking

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M on Aug 14, 2014:

I applaud their perseverance! That is a phenomenal reno. 

Anonymous on Aug 13, 2014:

like the lamps.wouldnt go with a thing i have(southwest) but i really like them,anyway.

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