Before and After: A Dark Dining Room Goes Bright and White

Call me crazy, but I love room makeovers that involve painting over dark molding, and this dining room had a lot of it. The wood accents and molding details are lovely, but they also make the space feel smaller and a little dark, even with that gorgeous sunlight coming through.    

So, to remedy that, Jordan Ferney of Oh Happy Day, and her husband, decided to have everything painted white. 

Now this dining room space feels inviting and open. And it has also become a spot for the family to hang out and create projects in.

For more photos, visit Oh Happy Day.

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SG on Jun 24, 2017:

this is a crime! I like white rooms and the airy feel but for god's sake don't ruin beautiful woodwork! For those of you who say "it's paint it will come right off," well, probably haven't tried to strip the paint off an entire room with detailed mouldings. It IS better than ripping it all out but...WHY? If you want all - white rooms, there are plenty of mcmansions that this would be PERFECT for. And, undoubtedly, you would feel much more at home in.

Anonymous on Aug 17, 2014:

Nevermind my opinion on painting the wood, but the room is boring. Why is it now considered the height of design to make everything white? Everyone patting themselves on the back for making everything the same color. Bleah!

angela on Aug 04, 2014:

It looks so much happier! It's just paint and it can come off. Not easily removed but it's not like they ripped out all the wood. Deep breaths. Everything will be alright.

Katy on Jul 31, 2014:

There is a big difference in painting some beams and trim work, as opposed to painting the room above. First off, I would never buy this house, so as to leave it pristine for the next buyer. If I did, I would have painted everything but the fireplace wall. It would have looked far more creative, and less predictable.

Anonymous on Jul 25, 2014:

They pretty much stripped away all the detail. May as well have purchased a house w/out all the incredible detail and beautiful wood beams. At least maybe you could have made them more than just white to add some depth and dimension.

Could be worse, people. They could have knocked everything down, and replaced it with a boxy room.

Anonymous on Jul 25, 2014:

Sell the house to someone who appreciates the historical character. Too late you already ruined it!

Anonymous on Jul 25, 2014:

Covering up the Arts and Crafts detail that others would kill for!  Better to buy a modern house that is to your liking. What a shame.

anonymous on Jul 25, 2014:

Disaster. The dark wood is so classical and beautiful. Total shame to ruin it like this.

Anonymous on Jul 24, 2014:

Disaster! Calamity! How to Turn Fine Victorian Woodwork into an Ikea Display.

Anonymous on Jul 24, 2014:

I have no problem with painting over dark wood, but dear lord put some color or neutrals on the walls so the trim doesn't get completely lost! Otherwise, just buy a blocky house with no details.

Juliet on Jul 24, 2014:

I think it looks amazing. I understand the hesitation to want to paint over the wood, I sympathize with the purists, but in this case it's a huge improvement. The room is so much brighter now and less stuffy. Not to mention how the white really brings out some details that were lost among all the dark wood, like that amazing green fireplace tile and the glass in the cabinet doors.

JR on Jul 24, 2014:

Love the lightness....the darkness before was cave-like and ceiling-lowering.

steph on Jul 24, 2014:

Haters gonna hate. The rooms look so much better, and I bet are so much happier to live in. I find it funny that you're supposed to make house buying decisions on not painting the precious wood instead of price, location, school district, sq footage, etc. You know; the important things. And for those taking on the task of restoring the trim from it's terrible paint job; you chose to buy the house and you chose to strip the paint. No one made you. If you didn't want to spend so much time on it you should point up the $$$$ to buy the real stuff and replace it.

bruno on Jul 24, 2014:

Love it. Haters can complain about painted woodwork, but they aren't the ones who have to live with the dark stuff. We painted ours and have never regretted it. Check out the whole Curbly House section for our remodel



Anonymous on Jul 24, 2014:

Beautiful! Do whatever you want to your house!  So tired of being told to do things to preserve some antique mindset. Looks beautiful.

Jessica on Jul 24, 2014:

It's too bad they didn't just strip the stain and go with a lighter stain.  You really lose the decorative nature of the trim going all white....  And to be honest it will be a real pain for later owners who may want to go back to the wood.  We've spent hours stripping a bad paint job off of the wood trim in our house, and it frustrates me to no end to see people to continue to paint over wood because they want a "modern" look.  Trim is painted now because its primarly a wood composite, not real wood.  You can't leave it bare.  Why would you want to imitate something that is fake wood with real wood?

Anonymous on Jul 24, 2014:

Way better!

Anonymous on Jul 24, 2014:

I agree with Anonymous above here. There is nothing worse than seeing people paint over amazing wood. Absolutely terrible... 

Anonymous on Jul 24, 2014:

What a sin to damage the beatiful wood with PAINT.  Move to a modern home or sell the wood to a salvage company and remodel !!!!!

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