This to That: Chair Becomes End Table

We've seen chairs used as tables before, but Cathy really thought outside the box for this redo. She had a client with a coastal style that was in need of an end table, but when she saw this worn bamboo chair, something clicked. She decided, in classic Tim Gunn vernacular, to make it work. She had  her hubs drill holes into the inside sides of the chair into which she inserted and glued bamboo dowels. Using a piece of cardboard, Cathy cut a template the fit inside the chair. She took the template to a pro and had a piece of glass cut in that shape, which she sat on top of the supports. And there you have it; the chair became an end table. 

At home in its new "coastal" surroundings:

A Chair is Just a Chair...Or is it? [HomeGoods]

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B on Jun 13, 2014:

I like the chair.  I don't think it is clampett looking at all.  Not everything has to be puffy and padded

Anonymous on Jun 12, 2014:

That is horrible! It looks like something the Clampetts brought in from the back of the truck...

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