How To: Make a Recycled Wine Bottle Hanging Herb Garden

It took Ben about $30 dollars and a few hours to create this marvelous copper tubing and recycled wine bottle hanging herb garden. Besides the tubing and wine bottles, supplies to make one include a  bottle cutter, Goo Gone, corks, wire cutter, 80 grit sand paper, and 1/4" drill bit and drill. Oh, and safety glasses and gloves, which Ben learned while making a video demonstrating the entire build. Visit Inhabitat to get started. 

Make a DIY Modern Herb Garden From Recycled Wine Bottles for $30! [Inhabitat]

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Anonymous on Jun 07, 2014:

looks very much like the "bocci 38 lamp"

Cait on Jun 05, 2014:

This is such a cool idea! I'm so inspired! I already planted my herbs in plastic planters (boring, I know) this year, but next year I will have to look into this super cool wine bottle garden!

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