Make It: 'Faux-Dipped' Colorful Vase

DIY Colorful Vase Wrapped In Stretched Balloons

I'm all about mini makeovers with a maximum impact. And that's exactly what this vase DIY is! Looking at it, right away you would think it's been painted. Oh no no no, my friends. This is not paint! It's easier than that!      


Would you believe me if I told you that those were colorful BALLOONS?!? That's right. Balloons. My jaw dropped, too. Read all about this 'faux-painting" technique and learn how to do it to your vases and vessels, too! Head over to 

Happiness Is Creating for all the details.

DIY "Painted" Vase via [Happiness is Creating]

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Anonymous on Apr 30, 2014:

So pretty! I did a very similar project last year, using balloonns to add color to clear glass vessels:


I love the layerd look pictured above though. I'll definitely try that next time. 

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