Inspiration: DIY Sharpie-Embellished Cloth Napkins

Another fun use for our beloved Sharpies include tarting up cloth, in this case cloth-turned napkins. Their creator made the napkins (17" square with a half-inch seam allowance) double-sided, with one side being a colorful print and the other a simple off white. On the off-white  side, a fine-point, black Sharpie was used to 'doodle' kitchen-centric pictures. Charming! To read more about the project and see more pictures, visit The Salty Pineapple

New Napkins [+real life] [The Salty Pineapple]

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Anonymous on Jan 23, 2016:

That link is no longer available. Do you know where I could get similar ones like those?

Anonymous on Apr 07, 2014:

Sharpie makes a fabric marker called  "Stained".  Maybe it would be better as far as washer safe.

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