Make It: A DIY Desk with Storage for $100

I love a good desk DIY. So, when I saw this one I really went crazy for it because it's not only a great shape, it also has compartments for storing books, pencils, laptops, etc. And because of the size of this piece, it could easily double as a dining room table if you don't have a need for a desk quite this large.       

Make this giant six person desk for $100 in materials and this tutorial from A Beautiful Mess.

Obviously, most of us don't need a desk that can seat up to six people, but the concept is great and can easily be altered to accommodate just one or two people at a smaller size.

Visit A Beautiful Mess for more photos and the full tutorial.

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Handyman Anthony on Apr 02, 2014:

I doubt that it'll cost only 100$ but it's definitely a deal! 

Nicholas on Mar 28, 2014:

Your design is brilliant!

I have see similar desk from pro-furniture stores but it cost expensive, something like $1,000 and up and your is only $100!

I always want one like this for years. Your DIY opened up a reality.

Weeks ago, I designed (Sketchup only, no real material, yet) my own (5-drawer) flat drawer with my existing trestle table legs attached to sides of it. I will re-design it as (4-drawer) flat drawer and add one of the double-top on the flat-drawer top.

Soon I will have my own flat drawer AND your DIY Our Office Desk (top only) combined.

This is simply brilliant!

Thank you!

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