Make It Over: Give An Ikea Sidetable A Classy Update

ikea lack hack

You've had one. We've all had one at some point. The IKEA Lack sidetable. A popular (and affordable!) option to one of life's furniture problems. It comes in basic white and we love to see how others make it over. This one? Can't really tell it's from IKEA, now can you?

All you need is some amazing fabric and a few other supplies to make it glam. Head over to Lovely Indeed for the full how-to!

DIY IKEA Lack Makeover by [Lovely Indeed]

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lexy.b.ward on Mar 10, 2014:

Hi Les!

Don't apologize for having an opinion! That's what these posts are for! I love to hear what people think about different projects and decor! And thank you for the link correction! :)

Les on Mar 07, 2014:

Not a fan, personally. Those uneven, fraying white edges makes it look cheap. Sorry.

By the way the actual DIY post is here: http://lovelyindeed.com/diy-ikea-lack-table-upgrade/ (had to search for it)

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