This is Genius: How to Turn a Standing Drying Rack into a Wall Mounted Drying Rack

If I could give out genius awards, I'd give one to Melissa & Stephanie for figuring out a way to mount a cheap, standing, clothes drying rack into a MOUNTED drying rack. They lay out the entire process nicely, and once you see it, you'll  probably do one of those head-smacking things, wondering why you didn't think of it yourself. Here, let's do it together. *smack* For all the deets, visit Two it Yourself. 

DIY Laundry Drying Rack [Wall Mount from Floor Standing]

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Anonymous on Mar 06, 2014:

Looks like they only used half. You could turn it into two wall mounted racks and put them side-by-side or one above the other.

Les on Mar 05, 2014:

I wonder if there would be a way to do it without sacrificing the third tier? I have this exact drying rack and would love to get it off the floor, but need to be able to utilize the whole thing. Maybe by adding wood instead of removing it...

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