Before and After: Two Changes that Completely Transform this Kitchen

This kitchen makes a complete transformation, with two straight-forward changes. What are they? Click through to find out.     

So what two things am I referring to?

1) Paint, on the walls and a high gloss lacquer on the cabinets.

2) A new backsplash.

The cabinets are now white and the walls have a fresh coat of paint as well, but you'll notice that the counters are still quite dark. In fact, the counters haven't changed at all. 

Yet the whole space feels different. Doesn't it? It's amazing what paint and a new backsplash can do.

Visit sfgirlbybay for more photos of this makeover.

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Sarah Lynn on Mar 04, 2014:

I cannot believe that only two changes were made--that's incredible!  I love the backsplash. 

I'm redoing my kitchen right now one change at a time.  I just redid the lighting, which I thought was going to be the biggest (read: most expensive) job, but I lucked out when www.interior-deluxe.com had my favorite lighting fixture on sale.  Maybe I'll use the remaining budget for a backsplash like this! 


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