Faux Taxidermy: Yay or Nay? Would You Hang a Fake Deer Head on Your Wall?

Modern living room with deer head mounted on the wall.

Faux taxidermy. It's a trend that has wavered in and out of popularity over the past few years, and always tends to generate a bit of controversy. It is a fake representation of a dead animal - which really bothers some people. Others love its woodsy-chic appeal. And yet another group just feels that the trend is tired and overused. What do you think? Click through for some intriguing examples.   


Abstract examples of faux taxidermy using wood and old bicycles.

Here we have some faux taxidermy with an abstract feel. The wooden deer head on the left looks to be more sculptural - a piece of art on the wall. The bicycle handlebars on the right are a "sentimental take on a mass produced object becoming defunct." Do you feel differently about these pieces because of their handcrafted appeal? Or do the unusual materials make them even more ridiculous? 

[Photo 1: Instructables, Photo 2: Bicycle Taxidermy]

Examples of realistic looking faux taxidermy in a nursery and a living room.

These two examples, however, are very realistic representations of animals mounted right in people's living areas. The left one, in fact, is in a child's nursery. Too much? Or super stylish? Sound off in the comments section below.

[Photo 1: Bower Power Blog, Photo 2: Houzz]

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faith-towers on Feb 21, 2014:

Great insight @Rasmus, interesting to see an example of home decor imitating art. 

bruno on Feb 20, 2014:

Meh. Personally I'm not really a fan (of real or faux) animal heads. 

Rasmus on Feb 20, 2014:

I'm curious; how can it “bother” people?

...and btw, it's not just a recent fad. Picasso made Cabeza de Toro in 1942.

Cabeza de Toro

faith-towers on Feb 20, 2014:

Wow, a kudu head would look amazing... I love the cork screw look of the horns. Maybe the shape of the head or the form it takes is what makes the difference for some people.

I personally like the trend, but I think that the heads would have to be made with interesting materials to feel fresh and contemporary. 

Chrisjob on Feb 20, 2014:

Absolutely, I would. And I plan to. The real question for me is..would I hang an actual deer head on my wall?

Stacey on Feb 20, 2014:

After reading "Green Hills of Africa," my husband and I have become slighly obsessed with getting a faux kudu head.  Unfortunately, they're hard to find and can be rather expensive (we want the full head, not just the horns).  In general, I don't like the trend...and yet.....

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