Kitchen Inspiration: 7 Stylish and Organized Open Pantries

I'll admit, I'm not an open pantry/open shelving type of person. For the most part I like my things tucked away and out of sight; visual clutter just makes me kinda twitchy, ya know? But these seven open pantries are so stylish and organized they may just change my mind!          

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4 Design Sponge 5 HGTV 6 Traditional Home 7 The Kitchn

How do you feel about open pantries and shelving in kitchens? Yay or nay?

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Oreomama on Jan 27, 2014:

Bought a house and remdeled a lot of it,  When I order the kitchen cabinets I did not order doors for the top cabinets.  Love open shelves.  So colorful

Kimberly O on Jan 24, 2014:

I was never convinced about open pantries until I moved into a tiny apartment that had no cupboards - I will never go back!  Once my dishes were out for the world to see, I invested in some cute things and the kitchen has never looked better!

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