7 Unnecessary Kitchen Appliances You Can Probably Live Without

I've never thought of myself as a hoarder. I can definitely be a pack-rat at times, but I try to minimize when I can (or when I remember!). I took a look at the appliances in my kitchen and realized it was time to de-clutter and de-junk. Here are a few things I parted ways with!       


Toaster - I need to heat food and I need to heat it quick! Toasters are great, but I'm not patient enough to wait. We decided to toss the toaster as it's hardly ever used and it takes up precious counter space! If I absolutely need some toast, the oven does the job just fine.

Stand Mixer - Countertop space is prime real estate in the kitchen, especially in a small one! Stand mixers use up a lot of space and aren't used on a daily basis by most people. Mixing by hand is harder, but doable and more rewarding.

Water Filter Pitcher - Buying bottled water can be expensive. The dollars add up quickly so I find myself attached to our PUR water filter. We decided to keep the one attached to our faucet and to toss the water filter pitcher that we kept in the fridge. Again, more space makes a happy place!

Juicer - Do you have a blender? A vitamix? A ninja? People tend to collect when it comes to blenders and juicers. We only have a blender and we decided to just keep the one. An Oster blender purchased at Costco, it meets our needs just fine! However, if you're a crazy juicer or tend to blend everything in your path, I'd recommend keeping a tougher mixer in the kitchen. You can always juice by hand!

Coffee/Hot Chocolate Maker - I'll confess here and now that I have two hot chocolate makers. TWO. I really only need zero as I don't make hot chocolate that often. When I do want some, I just head to a local Starbucks. I made the decision to get rid of those as they were taking up some prime kitchen storage space!

Vegetable Chopper - Do you have a fancy chopper for fruits and vegetables? Some people can't live without them. I hardly use one as I find it takes me more time to put the vegetables in and take them out. I'm sticking to a good old fashioned cutting board that can be displayed nicely on the countertop.

Electric Can Opener - Now i'm just plain old lazy with this one. A regular can opener does just fine in its place.

What items do you have in your kitchen that you could toss? Is there anything you can't live without? Tell us in the comments section!


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saif on Mar 13, 2014:

Thank you for sharing so many wonderful ideas, some of these would definitely help in sorting our kitchen.

Laura on Feb 02, 2014:

Of course these suggestions have varying practicality depending on the individual. But I think that- as suggestions- they are helpful to those who would never before have given thought to parting with some of these things. I drink a lot of coffee and so justified having a fancy grind-and-brew pot take up half my counterspace for years. But last year I downsized to a French press which can be stashed with the rest of my mugs and is MUCH easier to wash after use. I'm SO glad I switched! This post is a good reminder to think about other options. 

hilary on Jan 28, 2014:

I'm not a de-clutterer; I'm a non purchaser.  I try my best to not partake in unnecessary manufacturing and to that end, I've never had a toaster, the oven works fine; I love my hand mixer and make bread with a no-knead recipe so I've never needed a stand mixer or bread machine.  My immersion blender works as well as a canister blender and takes up on 1/3rd of the space. I gave away a juicer when I grew out of juicing. 

I sound nauseating; do you see my halo yet? 

Jeanne on Jan 27, 2014:

Can't do without my electric can opener: I have some arthritis, but besides that, this appliance is one that doesn't leave sharp edges on the cans, so I no longer cut up my hands when I clean them for recycling. And I use my toaster oven, coffeepot, and microwave every day. And my slow cooker often. And I have an under-the-counter water filter that makes my water taste great.

Oreomama on Jan 27, 2014:

  • I am living w/o my microwave

  • maybe food processor also, (will see)

  • love and use two crock pots

  • use rice cooker regular

  • use juicer a lot

  • have two small blender items, one for smoothies(almost daily) and one to help with other small stuff (making hummus)

  • use toaster over, can cook in it in summer also

  • gave away lots of gadgets this fall

  • love all the space i now have on counters and in pantry

Anonymous on Jan 27, 2014:

I very much love my stand mixer, coffee maker, juicer, and toaster.  They are all used often.

Aidel.K on Jan 23, 2014:

I gave away my stand mixer when I moved 12 years ago. At the time, I had a bread machine; I used it every day to make bread and wore it out. I replaced it with a good stand mixer because I missed mine--and use it to make bread dough at least twice a week now. I prefer it to the bread machine because it's more versatile. The other appliances you list I would consider optional. Alas I am outvoted by family on the toaster.

Jamie S. on Jan 23, 2014:

I find myself as a person who loves cooking and loves good kitchen appliances.  I really enjoy the help which the kitchen appliances offer. I couldn't live without a table mixer because it's a huge time saver. I can agree with you on a toaster and a chocolate maker.

Anonymous on Jan 23, 2014:

Because my standmixer lives on the counter, I USE IT!!  

We use a counter-sized convection oven instead of our range oven (broke 2 years ago and the convection oven is all we need.  Yes, REALLY!).  Heats up in just a few minutes and cooks/bakes faster than the big oven.  Love it.  No  need for a toaster or standard oven.

Matt on Jan 22, 2014:

This is definitely an area where personal preference comes in to play, but I'd say about half of this list are things pretty much everyone can agree on. I admit, the coffee maker and stand mixer are potentially useless in most kitchens, but are daily use items for some. The toaster, on the other hand, is something I'd probably just downsize rather than banish it altogether. As for the vegetable chopper, I don't know why you wouldn't just use a knife. Finally, the old electric can opener...I've never met one that actually made the job quicker and easier.

Heather on Jan 22, 2014:

This post is in no way helpful. A coffee maker? A toaster? Almost all of the appliances you have listed have stood the test of time.  As appliances are designed to make certain tasks more convenient, whether the appliance is necessary will depend on the frequency with which the owner performs the particular task.  What if I love toast? What if I love cold water and do not want luke warm filtered tap water? What if I bake on a regular basis or need to julienne a bunch of carrots? Whether these appliances are "necessary" or can be "lived without" is a personal preference and your declaration that YOU do just fine without them is great...for YOU.

Courtney on Jan 22, 2014:

A standmixer is a waste if you don't bake a lot.  If you do, it's a godsend.  I would love to find one of those all-in-one mixers that included a stand mixer, blender & food processor.  I could make room on my counter for that (instead of finding cabinet space for a separate food processor, blender & hand mixer.)

Really? on Jan 22, 2014:

Haha! I didn't even know that there is such a thing as a chocholate maker. I had to google it... and still don't get it. :/ a pot + milk+ cacaopowder= not enough?

I easily could get rid of the toaster, too. And the tray. I never use it..

Les on Jan 22, 2014:

I agree with most except the standing mixer! Probably because I don't have one, and it limits so much what I am able to make. Using only a hand mixer only can also be physically impairing, and I'd take a standing mixer taking up some space in the kitchen over physical therapy bills any day!

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