Two Just Right Restorations

Some people might think restorations take less time than full-blown makeovers. In my experience, they take MORE time. You can cover a multitude of sins with filler and paint, but getting down to original raw wood takes a lot of patience and elbow grease. Take for example these two projects, both executed by my multi-talented nephew, John. Not only is he an athlete and a musician*, he's a chip off the old DIY block. First up is a kitchen built-in located in a circa 1900 apartment

  building in downtown Minneapolis. John stripped the top down to its natural wood, revealing its luscious grain. Then he used a grinder to remove about 100 years of paint off its hardware. Here's what the built-in looks like now:

For this next one, the apartment entry door on the left looked very much like the door on the right before John rolled up his sleeves. There's nothing quite like a solid wood entry door with bevelled glass, is there? Luscious. 

*To hear John perform in his band, Kenwood Mansion go to Reverbnation to listen to and download their latest single "Outlaw Runnin'."  

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Les on Jan 21, 2014:

Super late reply, but I just had to comment: I love both of these restorations!! Especially the first one. I hate hate hate badly painted-over hardware (likely because I had to live with a lot of them in my last apartment) and the de-paintified hardware in that 'after' is just sublime to me. Wish I had access to a grinder.

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