Weekend Project: Wood Mountain Clock DIY

I've been getting my workspace organized this week, and as I start decorating the space, I'm quickly finding that I could use a clock and a little more wall art. So why not kill to birds with one stone?    

This DIY mountain clock from Caitlin for Say Yes to Hoboken is so perfect for my office, but it would also be great for a hallway or kid's bedroom if you don't have a home office. 

Learn how to make your own on Say Yes to Hoboken.

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nicholas.carangi.9 on Jan 29, 2014:

Sweet! My lady and I are going to make one of these mountain clocks this weekend. I am an outdoor fanatic!

Troy on Jan 20, 2014:

This is adorable. I think I should make one of these and hang it next to my Dream Board of Kilimanjaro that I intend to climb in 2015.  Thanks for the idea and the inspiration. 

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