Before and After: A Complete Craft Closet Makeover

This closet started out like almost any other closet... with a jumble of clothing hanging on mismatched hangers, and heaps of random household items in messy piles. But with some vision and determination, it has been completely transformed into a colorful, organized craft closet with a dedicated spot for every tool.   


The end result is inviting, creative and really quite functional. Traci added a band of color through the middle of the space by hanging painted pegboard, and installed a stunning pendant light to give the area some style. Head on over to her blog Beneath My Heart to see what the space looked like before the renovation, and to check out how she accomplished it. 

{Craft} Closet Makeover [Beneath My Heart]

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faith-towers on Jan 08, 2014:

A shipping and packaging station is a great idea too! Closets are very versatile...

Heather on Jan 05, 2014:

This is a great idea;  a must-do for my closet! I have a large craft room but I use my closet for my shipping & packaging station.

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