The Curbly House: Our Living Room Revealed!

Our Living Room Makeover with Emily Henderson Revealed

Over the last month, we've told you everything you could possibly want to know about our plans to style our home with the lovely Emily Henderson. Well friends, the day has finally come to share the reveals with you. We are in love with the results!

Click here for the complete house tour!


And for even more details about the transformation, don't miss Emily's take on the living room project.

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Sheetal Khan on Sep 29, 2016:

I am stunned ! The paint is amazing.

Danielle on May 11, 2014:

The fireplace looks awesome. I love it! What did you paint the brick with? Have you changed it since these photos were posted?
I'd love to see an update if you have.

alicia on Jan 21, 2014:

Rachel: We used Sherwin-Williams' Latex ProClassic Enamel in Pure White (SW 7005). We ended up going with a latex paint to cover our dark wood because the darker wood tones don't seep through latex. It's also less messy and there's no terrible oil smell. It has held up wonderfully!

Brittany: We found the wool plaid at SR Harris (http://www.srharrisfabric.com/). It's just normal wool, not upholstery fabric. Sadly, I don't know the name of the fabric, but they had several huge bolts of it last fall, so it may be worth contacting them with a picture. 

Brittany on Jan 07, 2014:

I saw that you took the wool plaid with you to the upholsters, I was wondering where you sourced the fabric (pretty please!). Is 'upholstery fabric' or just normal wool? I'm currently trying to accent a MCM rocker/ottoman for our in-renovation home to mix and match with a carmely brown leather chair and a darkish grey West Elm MCM sectional and want a bit of a pop, but not TOO much! Thanks for you help, hope you're enjoying your space

rachel on Dec 29, 2013:

Could you please tell me the trim color you used in your dining and living room? We live in an old house in Kansas City built in 1910 and the trim is original wood. After much contemplation I'm wanting to paint it white, but not sire which white to go with. Thank you!

Brittany on Oct 19, 2013:

This is really beautiful; I can hardly believe this is the dreary living room we saw months ago.!

alicia on Oct 19, 2013:

Randi: Thanks for your feedback! I'm glad you like the room. The painted tile is actually painted brick. Our chimney and parts of the fireplace were crumbling when we moved in, so we patched the fireplace and painted the brick white. We plan on replacing it down the road, so this is a temporary fix. 

Tracy on Oct 18, 2013:

Thanks, Alicia. Glad to hear they did such a good job, and the price seems right. I'll be giving them a call!

Randi on Oct 18, 2013:

I looove it, and am even one of those people who have mixed feelings about the painted woodwork.  It does, however, look super modern while still keeping the house's integrity intact.  My only critique is painting the tile on the fireplace.  It kind of looks cheap.  And once painted, no mastic will stick -- so if you ever want to change out that tile, you'll have to rip it out completely, which would be sort of a shame.

alicia on Oct 18, 2013:

Stacey: Thank you! 

Stacey on Oct 18, 2013:

Beautiful!  You're going to really enjoy that room!  Congratulations!

It has inspired me to make a few changes to my living room.

alicia on Oct 18, 2013:

Thanks, Tracy! We had the chairs reupholstered at Bargain Upholstery in St. Paul. We had the foam pre-cut and brought them the wool plaid. We explained that we were in a time crunch and they did the work in two days time. We highly recommend them! Here's their site: http://www.bargainupholstery.com/

Tracy on Oct 18, 2013:

I love your new living room, especially the reupholstered MCM chairs. Would you mind sharing the name of the upholsterer? I'm in te Twin Cities and have been looking for someone good. Thanks!

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