One Fresh Makeover: From Office to Nursery

This makeover is kind of a cheat. The previous owners used it at as an office, so that's our 'before' picture. However, that doesn't undermine its lovely makeover. Brecklyn's mommy painted the walls grey three times because she couldn't get the color quite right. When she finally did she found one that blends beautifully with the beige carpet (which can be a bit tricky). Visit Jake and Tyrell for more lovely pictures of Brecklyn's new room.

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richard.kuohn.9 on Feb 20, 2014:

Whoa looks like a completely different room!! Good Job

Anonymous on Oct 09, 2013:

When the baby gets older you can paint it another colour. It's really not that difficult to figure that one out!!

Anonymous on Oct 09, 2013:

Bold move to go with an all white nursery. It's gorgeous, but I'm wondering how practical when baby gets older.

Katie on Oct 07, 2013:

Can you find out where they got the wall stencil?  People have been asking on her blog but I see no response...

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