Make It: Rustic DIY Candles from Scratch

Maybe it's because I love mountains (and forests and cabins and the great, wild outdoors) so much, but these DIY camping mug candles are just the sweetest. They add the perfect amount of understated rustic charm, don't you think?      

Our brother site ManMade has all the details for creating your own, including tips for adding your scent of choice. Check it out!

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Chrisjob on Aug 02, 2013:

Hey Jay - This is Chris, Curbly's editor, and ManMade is my passion project. I hope you'll continue to check it out and share your thoughts.

bruno on Aug 02, 2013:

For everyone else who'se confused: TIL = 'Today I Learned'


jay on Aug 01, 2013:

TIL about ManMade, and then TIL it is Curbly's brother site.

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