Before and After: A Junk Shed gets Converted into a Cozy Living Space

We've all seen a shed like this before - stuffed with junk and no functional use in sight. In fact, I have a shed in my backyard that looks just like it. This messy storage space is about to get it's function back in a major way, only it's not for storage anymore.   

Derek Diedrickson transformed this small storage space into a minimal man cave, with the help of a few friends, all for around $400. What do you think of the results?

Visit Relax Shacks for more photos and the full budget breakdown.

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RaszArt on Jul 28, 2013:

I've have redone and reorganized a lot of spaces and this is the best DIY makeover I have seen that is totally doable without a professional crew :) Great DIY!!!

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