Make It: A Modern DIY Stitched-Leather Stool Cover

It's a fact. I can't resist a good stool-related DIY project. Stools are just so handy, ya know? And they make great makeover fodder, like this super stylish and modern stitched-leather version!     

Hold up, though. Did you know that Design Milk recently launched a DIY column?! Check. It. Out.

But, back to this awesome stool. All you need, other than a stool obviously, is the following:

  • leather or thick felt
  • piping cord or leather string (I love the copper-colored cord used here)
  • measuring tape
  • utility knife
  • pencil
  • binder clips (to hold everything together while you're stitching)

Once you've snagged some leather or felt, head over to Design Milk for the full tutorial! Happy stitching!

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Jaime - Design Milk on May 02, 2013:

Thanks for sharing!

The Double Dubs on Etsy on May 01, 2013:

Looks great, but I also really like the look of the stool without the cover.  Great tutorial, thanks for sharing.

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