Does anyone have a good idea on how to create a "craft space" in an apartment with no space?

So, my roomie and I are both very crafty folks... she's an art major, and I'm a theatre education major who is having a love affair with a sewing machine... problem is, our apartment is very teeny... I don't have photos just yet, but I will post some after I move in on the 13th... But, I shall discribe for now... You walk in, and there is a small foyer (spelling?) and then you have to go up a flight of stairs where there is a small hallway landing. Then off the hallway is the kitchen... we have a decent sized kitchen for two college gals, but it's too small for a family of 4, really, and probably too small for anything larger than a kitchen table with folding leaves... then next to the kitchen is her bedroom, and then across the hall is the doorway to the "common area", which is a small section of the living room that contains a fouton and an entertainment center, and a fireplace... then there is a big bay window on the wall opposite the fire place, and then a bookshelf and a folding screen seperates the "common area" from what is my makeshift bedroom (i have the bay window... i'm not complaining, I always wanted one!)... but basically, that's it...I have tons of closet space and a built in bookshelf/dresser, but no real room for a "craft space" that we both desperately need... I know we also have an attic for storage, but I haven't been up there... all I know is that one half has boards for storage, and the other half has the insulation showing... so, MAYBE that would work w/ some plywood put down, but I haven't seen it yet, so I'm not sure how big it is... we'll see...

In the meantime, however, I'm open to all suggestions! I'll get photos up after I move in for more suggestions on our craft space, as well as decorating ideas!


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brokedownrage on May 30, 2007:

I have a whole craft room to myself - and yet I find myself wanting to work upstairs in the living room a lot so here's what I did...

I got a big black case on wheels to store crafts in (it's really for scrapbooking but I put all kinds of supplies in there)

I also went to a hardware store and got a big flat thin board. I store it behind the entertainment center. I take it out when I want and put it over the coffee table to work on and wheel my storage case over and there you have it!

jeanne s on May 03, 2007:

HI I love to do crafts as well and it does make a mess.  if you have tons of closet space ther are really nice ways of making closets into craft stations. either ikea or containter store could give you ideas and then just use the ideas with or without their merchandise.  if you browse thru some old  dec magazines  in the library you will this idea built out. Finally check out your local fabric stores. they often have craft tables for sale. ie narrow table with two huge leaves that fold up for use. (ie could set about 15 people ,,,).. Sauder also makes craft tables and cabinet that fold in with all the work, yet they are a tad expensive.  be sure and show up what you end up with. jeanne

badbadivy on May 03, 2007:

Is the eating area in the kitchen? I generally turn my eating areas into craft spaces and then just eat at my desk, heh.

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