10 New Ways to Repurpose Wine Crates

created at: 03/26/2013

Wine crates. They're easy to find and they can function in so many different ways. They can be used simply as storage boxes, but today I have some other ideas for you. So head to your local liquor store to grab some used crates and let's get started!   

created at: 03/26/2013

1. Attach a crate to the back of your bike as Anabela did. [Photo: Fieldguided]

2. Try taking wine crates apart and using them as wall tiles. This would look great on an accent wall behind a bar cart! [Photo: Patrick Ocaining]

3. The Rachel Ray Show teaches you how to make a rolling ottoman. Click here for a full tutorial. [Photo: The Rachel Ray Show]

4. Rolling storage is always handy too. Give your crate some character by painting it. See how to achieve this look here. [Photo: Funkytime]

5. Find a few different sizes and create a hanging herb garden... so clever! See this and other great wine crate projects here. [Photo: Houzz]

created at: 03/26/2013

6. This is an easy one, but I never would have thought of it! Brittany will show you exactly how to make your own rope handled crate here. [Photo: Pretty Handy Girl]

7. Again, so simple but so genius. Grab some angle slots from Home Depot (typically used for industrial storage) and you'll have new shelving in no time. See instructions here. [Photo: Pretty Neat Organizer]

8. Use a crate as a flower box on your deck or patio... very pretty. [Photo: The Sweetest Occasion]

9. Treat your pup to a new elevated dog feeder. Check out the tutorial here. [Photo: Design Sponge]

10. Decorative shelves will dress up your walls... find out how to make your own right here. [Photo: Curbly]


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Sharon M on Apr 20, 2013:

Good luck finding the crates.

Erin @ The Great Indoors on Mar 29, 2013:

I wish I could try some of these.  For whatever reason, the liquor and grocery stores in my area don't use crates anymore; most wine comes shipped in cardboard boxes.  It makes crafting with crates difficult!

faith-towers on Mar 27, 2013:

Ebay has quite a few wine crates for sale, or you can go sweet-talk your local liquor store salesperson :)

christina on Mar 27, 2013:

Love these ideas - but where do you find wine crates?The elevated dog feeder would definitely class up our kitchen's dog zone.

faith-towers on Mar 26, 2013:

Looks great, thanks for sharing!

Anonymous on Mar 26, 2013:

Cute ideas! I really like the wall "tiles" a lot. I recently made a shelving wall unit out of wooden crates (wine, fruit, whatever kind I could get my hands on). Check it out here: http://somethingwewhippedup.com/2013/02/20/stacked-in-your-favor/

I'm excited to tackle a few of the projects above too!

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