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oh curbly my friend I am back. Things are busy all over withschool ending and such. Heres my latest. i think I posted before that i get like 0 heat in my bedroom at night. So I had the guy over today to check it out. He told me that because Im on two outside walls its gonna be cold. I told him no no  no because the person downstairs has a sweltering bedroom. So he said I could do this and that but it ended up i need to get an inline fan installed and that will really give it a blow. What do y'all know aboutthis. space heaters are $$$$ and I  cannot sleep in the cold. I have already been sleeping under my down comforter with a heated mattress pad IN a NOrth Face sleeping bag with a hoddie and sweats( hood on)!

-On another note. I want to build a roofdeck. Im trying to find the most reasonable way to do this. Not "I" build it cuz im not coordinated but Im trying to find a prefab since thats the new thing thats the best, have any of you heard of this?-

 I am zoned for it and alot of ppl will do the dumb crap but I want to start researching now so I know how muich itll be so i have a goal financially. 

thank you devotees and I promise ill get pictures up soon.


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DIY Maven on May 04, 2007:

Sounds like the heater man knows what he's talking about. I'd still try the cheap box fan idea...just in case it works! You could always do some heavy-ish fabric blinds on the windows for added insulation. Not a lot of call for roof decks around here in the Midwest...but you've got me thinking...maybe I should do a post on them...that could be cool! I'll start doing research ;)

megrockstar on May 04, 2007:

yes, my house is zoned. everyone here on the beach of the city has them. I just have no idea where or how to do this reasonanblyt. Im obviously not going to do it alone. I thought prefab would be good alternative.

the inline fan- he said it goes in the heater in the basement and one in my room. he seid itll be hot, which is what i NEED 

DIY Maven on May 04, 2007:

Ah, the fan question! Yeah, I wasn't quite sure about that. The guy suggests putting a fan in the ductwork that leads to your bedroom? If so, that sounds about right. If you're looking a cheap alternative, you could get a small box fan and prop it up next to your vent and let 'er rip. That MIGHT work. My dad did this in reverse: he set a box fan up to the cold air return in the basement and blew cool air from the basement, through the ducts and upstairs. Worked pretty good, considering. As far as the roofdeck, ya got me there. Do you know if your roof can handle the added weight of a deck?

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