Five ways to make your home more calm

Home is meant to be your sanctuary. (No, really!)

With all of the chaos that comes with the everyday grind of life, your home shouldn't be part of the problem. In fact, there are some simple steps you can take to make your home a place more peaceful and relaxing. 

HomeDesignFinds lays out the five musts for homeowners seeking calmer refuge at home:

Invite natural light.  Without getting into the chemistry of it, natural lights just feels better. The energy efficiency of natural light is reason enough, but adding natural light to your home is like adding natural medicine. You'll be especially thankful during the dark winter months.

Trees that please. If your home is surrounded by trees, think of them as living, breathing art. Position windows to frame neighboring trees and you'll be calmed the changing colors from season to season.

Public vs. private. Just because you choose to entertain doesn't necessarily mean everyone in your home wants the attention. A great layout separates the very public entertaining spaces from private spaces (bedrooms) where we sleep and relax.

Controllable access.  Open floor plans are all the rage, but consider pocket- or sliding doors that allow rooms to be sectioned off to avoid outside direction. This is particularly useful come movie night, for example.

Storage. Then more storage.  How could you ever feel comfortable when your home feels crowded and congested? To date, no one has ever complained about having too much storage space. What are your tips for making home feel more calm?

Originally published on the MLuxe blog by John Kirchner

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