How To: Make a Simple DIY Fabric Storage Basket

created at: 03/04/2013

We are a bit strapped for closet space here in San Francisco –- the verdict is still out on if it’s because I have a shopping problem or the fact that our 1906 apartment has tiny closets! I had been on the hunt for a practical way to store excess blankets and pillows when I came up with the idea to make a fabric basket.      

I decided to use pellon, a common material at fabric stores that adds cardboard-like stiffness to just about any fabric that can be ironed, giving you the freedom to match the design of the room! This is a fairly simple DIY that can be completed in under an hour.

Fabric Basket DIY

created at: 03/04/2013

Tools and Materials:

  • 1.5 Yards of Fabric
  • 1.5 Yards of Pellon 71F Peltex (available in most craft/sewing supply stores)
  • Iron
  • Ironing Board
  • Sewing Machine
  • Size 16 Needle (denim needle)
  • Pins
  • Rotary Cutter
  • Cutting Mat
  • Ruler
  • Pencil


created at: 03/04/2013

Step 1: Iron the fabric to the Pellon backing.

created at: 03/04/2013

Step 2: Trim the excess fabric.

created at: 03/04/2013

Step 3: Cut a 20 x 30 inch piece out of the fused fabric.

Step 4: Cut two 13x10 inch pieces out of the fused fabric.

created at: 03/04/2013

Step 5: Measure to the middle of the 13x10 inch piece and mark with a pencil on the inside facing piece. Measure 1 inch down and make another mark. Draw a 2x4 inch rectangle and cut out the handle. Repeat on the other 13x10 inch fabric piece.

Note: You will make the basket inside out and then fold right side out once it’s complete.

created at: 03/04/2013

Step 6: With the fabric side down, pin the handle sides to the outside middle of the 20 x 30 inch piece. Sew in place and repeat on the other side.

created at: 03/04/2013

created at: 03/04/2013

Step 7: Fold the side pieces up, pin in place and sew. (You may have to finagle the fabric a bit to get it to lay flat because there is some bulk to the material that helps it stand on its own.) Repeat for the remaining three sides.

created at: 03/04/2013

Step 8: Turn right-side-out and voila! You have yourself a one-of-a-kind fabric storage basket!

created at: 03/04/2013

Stacy Wichelhaus is a wedding planner and wedding publicist for Hello Cupcake Public RelationsWhen not consumed by all things wedding, she can be found creating original DIY projects on her blogHello Cupcake.

[Images by Meredith Nguyen of Not Merely Living]


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Anonymous on Jan 26, 2014:

I love this idea :) cant wait to try it. What kind of fabric did you use?

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