10 DIY Accent Wall Treatment Ideas

created at: 02/18/2013

Sick of white walls? Want to add some texture and tone to your walls without dealing with sticky wallpaper paste? Well I have just the answer for you. Ten of them, actually. Read on to see how to spice up a room without dealing with the hassle and high cost of wallpaper.  

created at: 02/18/2013

1. Bring the outdoors in! Disks of birch wood add outdoorsy charm to a room. See the how-to here. [Photo: Martha Stewart Living

2. You'll never guess what this homeowner used to create this beautiful wall of circles. Find out here. [Photo: Shoshana Gosselin]

3. Recycled book pages are an affordable and unique alternative to wallpaper. Read the tutorial here. [Photo: Fabulously Green

4. Tin tiles add brightness and texture to a backsplash... or a whole wall, if you're feeling daring! Watch a how-to video here. [Photo: Jacquelyn McGilvray]

5. Floral fabric adds charm to an otherwise boring wall. See how to hang fabric using starch here. [Photo: Daniela Shuffler

created at: 02/18/2013

6. Cork tiles lend functional beauty to a room. See a tutorial here. [Photo: Lisa Rubenstein

7. Use Martha Stewart's decorative painting kit to create a faux bois effect on an accent wall. [Photo: Home Depot]

8. Stencils add drama and color to a white wall... and a dresser! Check out this stenciling tutorial for more information. [Photo: Salvage Savvy]

9. Glue wooden medallions to the wall for added depth and texture. Check it out here. [Photo: Country Living]

10. Chalkboard paint gives you the flexibility to change the look of a room whenever you want! See how to make your own here. [Photo: Busy Door

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faith-towers on Feb 22, 2013:

Thanks Michael! I love the circles too... they add so much character to the room.

Michael Coline on Feb 22, 2013:

Great tips! My favorite are the circles onthe walls...give it really fresh and funny look. Great article again!

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