How To: Make a DIY Typographic Light-up Sign!

created at: 02/14/2013

I love this light-up sign idea! While the wording isn't particularly applicable to my life (no kids here!), it's a clever wall art / lighting combo project that could easily be adapted to anyone's space or personal style!      

created at: 02/14/2013

In fact, I would probably forgo the text altogether and opt for something of the geometric variety. Whatever you choose, text or pattern, learn how to build it all from scratch over on Vintage Revivals!

DIY Light Up Sign Tutorial [Vintage Revivals]

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Ava Miller on Feb 21, 2013:


Just got the idea how I’ll spend a quality time this coming weekend! Indeed that bedroom is lovely…


Michael Coline on Feb 15, 2013:

Great idea, I think that I can use this when decorating my daughter's bedroom. 

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