Watch Walter Cronkite Give a Tour of the 21st Century Home Office--in 1967

created at: 02/13/2013

Nearly 50 years ago, CBS ran a television show called "The 21st Century." In it, Walter Cronkite gave a tour of a mock-up of an imagined home office that Mad Men types would be using in the 2001. Were the prognosticators off? Watch and weigh in!

 Walter Cronkite in the Home Office of 2001 (1967) (via You Tube)

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DesigningMom on Feb 18, 2013:

Considering that was made almost 50 years ago, when I was eleven, I'd say they did a pretty amazing job. Remember the changes that have come since the turn of the century and they were even closer.

Thanks for sharing Maven.

Anonymous on Feb 17, 2013:

Future is way more better than they imagined 

Andy Yeoh on Feb 14, 2013:

Today, it's all in one piece which we hold in our hands...

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