How To: Finish Your Basement

If you have an unfinished basement, you are sitting on a gold mine of potential square footage. Perhaps 2013 is the year to finishing that space and adding to the value of your home. Family Handyman gives us a great tutorial focused on framing, including planning, insulation and building soffits. Head on over to Family Handyman to get started. Also, check Remodeling's Cost vs Value Report for 2011-2012 to see how much such an investment would return. Of course, their job costs are based on professional prices, not DIYers', which (almost) always means not only a recoup in investment but a profit too. 

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NH on Jan 29, 2013:

While a finished basement can add a lot of value to your home, make sure to check with your insurance company on whether the basement will be covered in the event of a flood or other damage, or what precautions you might need to take in order to have it covered. 

DesigningMom on Jan 29, 2013:

What a beautiful basement Maven. It's nice to see they didn't paint the wood. I'm sure you knew I'd like that part. Great infomation about recouping and regionally really make the info more accurate.  And knowing the resale value up front can give a DIYer the info they need to see if it's worth it.

Most of the basement in our last home was finished, but here we've plenty living space on the two upper levels and the basement is our wood work shop. I would still love to somewhat finish it someday. We need to finish the the current living areas now though.

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