How To: Make a Giant Gold Wall Pouf

created at: 01/09/2013

I have no idea what else to call this other than a "pouf", but I think we can all agree that it's awesome. If you're looking for some wall decor with serious a "wow" factor, this DIY idea is for you!    

Jenny from Hank and Hunt created this stunning gold wall... piece... from layers and layers of unraveled mylar rope. The result is really quite fantastic! Check out how to make your own right here.

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Kera on Jan 11, 2013:

Disreguard I found the link...Thanks

Kera on Jan 11, 2013:

I can not find this rope...any sugguestions.  Please.

CapreeK on Jan 10, 2013:

@Susan I don't know, but that tote IS amazing. Try contacting Hank and Hunt directly!

Susan on Jan 10, 2013:

Pouf, not so much.  But the leather tote on the floor is amazing.  What is the source?  Thanks so much!!

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