created at: 12/27/2012

This is my patio fence post-Hang-A-Pot.  Up top are the cold weather-loving violas I bought last weekend.  Below are the foxtail fern and jade plants I divided.  Fancy, huh?  Let me back up a little...

So my first floor patio is enclosed by a wooden fence.  A very boring wooden fence.  However boring, this fence affords me the opportunity to save on precious gardening space.  I can attach hanging planter hooks to it, for instance, or install floating shelves. 

But I wondered if there were any products out there with which I could hang individual ceramic pots.  So I did a little research on the interwebs for products that would help me spruce up this very boring wooden fence in the easiest and most economical fashion. 

Enter Hang-A-Pots.  These guys were a success on both fronts: easy on the wallet and easy to use.  They run around $3-$4/each, depending on how many you buy.

created at: 12/27/2012

All you do is screw your Hang-A-Pot into your fence (screws are included with purchase).  Then simply slide your ceramic pot into the top notch, and you're done.  Easy.  If you're interested in attaching one of these guys to other surfaces, like brick or drywall, the website has separate instructions for you.

For more design information, go to Vertical-Gardener.com

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