Ceiling Beams in Kitchens? Not Here.

created at: 11/30/2012

When I think of ceiling beams in kitchens, I imagine English country cottages. They seem to work in such places. In the kitchen above? Not so much. It looks as if the plan actually flipped the kitchen's original footprint. Whatever actually happened structurally, it's definitely a huge step into the 21th century. For more great kitchen makeovers, visit this page on Hurst Remodel.  

created at: 11/30/2012

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Woodale Designs on Jan 05, 2013:

I think it look much better without the beams. You would really need a country style kitchen in order to pull off this type of beam and they would really take from the look of the new maple kitchen.

Anonymous on Dec 02, 2012:

It looks like they built a far wall, removed the stove and counter in the foreground and placed against the new wall, and raised the height of the counter (look at where the sink now sits in relation to the windows).

DIY Maven on Dec 02, 2012:

Anon and TSC, I'm assuming the remodeling company is honest in their depiction, and it is the same kitchen. (No other pictures or information of the project was given.) I'm thinking that perhaps the far wall was moved closer to the windows, and then the eating area was moved from the background to the foreground. If that's what happened, then the picture was taken nearly from the same angle. Also, note the chairs are the same in each picture. I realize that's not definitive proof that it's the same kitchen, but it does lend to the veracity of the remodeler's 'before and after' claim. 

Thrift Store Chick on Nov 30, 2012:

For some reason I can't even see the photos on this page. I could only see them in the RSS feed and on the original website.

Anyway, I don't see how these could be the same kitchen. If the angle is consistent between the two pics, then they knocked out two doors...? Or if it's flipped, are there really windows to outside on both sides...?

Assuming they are the same, I actually don't think it was necessary to remove a cool architectural element like beams. I think painting the beams the same color as the ceiling or maybe slightly darker might have looked good.

Anonymous on Nov 30, 2012:

ms cranky here says: when you post these questions, please post photos from the same angle. It's very difficuilt to make any kind of before and after comparison when nothing looks the same. That said, the beams seemed to clash with the lighter wood (assuming that's not new, can;t tell) so I do think it's a cleaner more pulled together look with the cabinetry

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