Mid-Century Modern Christmas: How to Make Modern DIY Faux Aluminum Ornaments

created at: 11/20/2012

Curbly recently had the great pleasure of creating a series of Mid-Century Modern holiday decorations for DIY Network, including everything from ornaments to stockings to wreaths. We'll be sharing the projects one-by-one. This week's DIY holiday project? These super awesome faux-aluminum Christmas ornaments! Check them out!

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CapreeK on Nov 20, 2013:

Hi Anon - I purchased these at Hobby Lobby last year. Haven't been in recently to see if they still carry this shape, though!

Anonymous on Nov 19, 2013:

Where can clear ornaments of this shape be found? Everywhere I've looked only has the round style.

CapreeK on Nov 20, 2012:

Anon - Yes, the blue and green were also spraypaint. I just used high-gloss colors, but you could always spray a clear, high-gloss top coat if the colors you want aren't available in that finish.

Anonymous on Nov 20, 2012:

thanks for sharing. ive used the metalic spray paint before but how were the green and blue ones made? was it also spraypaint? how did they get the gloss? 

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