How to cover those stained drop tiles once and for all

Hey everyone. Here I'd like to show you how did we covered old ugly drop tiles my friend had in his office with a new ugly ones (at least the new ones weren't stained :)

This was my friend's office before I convinced him to try to cover the stains.

This is how this office's ceiling looked like before we started.

...about half an hour later.

We just attached PVC glue on ceiling tiles to the old drop tiles one by one (used them as a support)

For that purpose we used PL construction adhesive

Hour and a half later. A-ha, here we realised that it could be very good idea to paint the grid first  :)
As most great ideas this one came too late, however hopefully it wasn't our last project and after all this is what we call experience.
The only tools we used for this project were scissors and one tube of PL adhesive from HomeDepot.
To see all available patterns you may visit this online store : http://www.tinlookceilingtiles.com/?p=gallery&a=22
This picture was sent to us recently. One of the designers who works with us had a crazy idea to make those tiles sticking out (so he installed some sticks in the middle of each tile). And as you can see he was smart enough to paint the grids first :)
 So, thanks for looking and if anyone has any question - you more than welcome to write me at info@talissadecor.com

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