Make It: A DIY Latch Hook Rug

created at: 11/15/2012

Many of the projects we feature are quick, done-in-an-afternoon endeavors (which is awesome). But, sometimes you want something that you can pick up and work on over a period of time (like, say, the entire winter because what else is there to do*?). If you're looking for a project to keep you occupied while you hibernate this season, I've got just the thing for you: a DIY latch hook rug!     


created at: 11/15/2012

This beauty will take a few weeks to complete, depending on how much time you dedicate to it. And, once you get the basic steps down, it's not that difficult. I'm digging the throwback, 70s colors Katie from A Beautiful Mess used in her version, but you can customize it to fit your tastes and decor (of course). Check out her tutorial right here!

*Clearly, I'm not a winter (or winter sports) person.

Speaking of long-term projects, what kind do you enjoy working on during the winter? Quilting? Knitting? Share some of your favorite labor-of-love type projects in the comments below.

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Peter on Feb 03, 2013:

awesome colours

DesigningMom on Nov 19, 2012:

How pretty. I love the colors too.

This reminds me of the latch hook I started years ago for our daughter which I need to get out and finish. Mine is made from strips of fabric.

CapreeK on Nov 19, 2012:

@nibbles Oh, cool! I've got mad respect for people who can do that. This was my first attempt ever: http://instagram.com/p/PvbeJJHBUz/ HAhaha... SO bad.

Nibbles on Nov 16, 2012:

I've got some free-hand embroidery I'm working on. 

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