Meet George Jetson’s Lawn Mower

The LawnBott is a clever little thing. It cuts your lawn day or night, virtually in silence, and leaves no emissions in its wake. It can cover up to 33,000 square feet, climb 30 degree slopes, and returns to its little docking station when it feels its battery is running low, returning to its work when recharged. And if it rains? Well, the LawnBott comes equipped with a rain sensor; at the first drops it returns to its little house to wait out the passing shower. And, to top it off, it’s as cute as a button. So cute, in fact, I’d have to name it. "Jane his wife and Quark his lawnmower." Yeah, that sounds good.

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jasimar on Apr 26, 2007:

yes but can it make me a margarita?  can it?  that might make it worth it's weight.

DIY Maven on Apr 25, 2007:

I can see it now, Pimp My LawnBott. Or for those who want a dog but don't want to pick up its poo, give it the dalmation look. Look at Spot go...I mean mow!

lilybee on Apr 25, 2007:

ooh, you know what this little fellow needs?

A  *Bitch'n'* Paint job of course!

Either some shooting flames or some super sexy seventies VAN ART... with naked girls! and unicorns!


Oh and also possibly to be converted so he runs at least partially on solar power...

DIY Maven on Apr 25, 2007:

Actually, they run between $1800 to $2499 depending on the model, but hey, didn't George make big bucks at Spacely Space Sprockets?

Chrisjob on Apr 25, 2007:

$1,800...for those interested.

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